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At your next party or event, try having fresh sushi delivered or hand made in front of your guests. I make Traditional, Western, and Vegetarian Gourmet Sushi, along with lots of other great sushi bar style foods such as Sashimi, Tempura, and Teriyaki**. If you are interested in having me cater a party or other event for you, please just let me know and Iíd be happy to discus my availability, menu, and cost. (Currently this website under construction. Soon enough I will have my pricing, menu, and availability on this web page)

(Later on you will be able to click here for more details on Mark's Xtreme Teriyaki Sauce)...(but for now I shall list the detail right here).

Markís Xtreme Teriyaki Sauce: I have been making and jarring my teriyaki sauce now for about two and a half years. Itís an old family recipe that I got from my mom. I remember eating her delicious cooking all throughout my upbringing but this one sauce has forever imprinted my taste buds. Itís a Korean style teriyaki BBQ sauce that my amazing mother ALWAYS grilled with when I was growing up. After I moved out of my parentís house I always wanted to learn how to make this great sauce and secret of her marinating and grilling methods. After got the recipe from her I started playing with the proportions and adding more spices.

Loaded with fresh ginger and garlic, this sauce goes good on just about everything.

5$ for a half paint and 8$ for a full paint.
Also I sell larger batches and the prices vary

Markís Xtreme Teriyaki Sauce Ingredients:
NotSo Spicy: Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Ginger, Garlic, Sesame Seed Old.
Medium Spicy: (Everything in NotSo) and Spicy Chilly Sauce.
Spicy: (Everything in NotSo and Medium, dried red chilies, Cayenne chili powder, wasabi, jalapeno chilies, and other species)
Also I make Extreme Spicy and other custom teriyaki marinades

Thanks and see you soon,
~Mark Verdugo~